Cheese: The Food Enhancer

In my opinion cheese is a food enhancer. When I say “food enhancer” I mean it can make almost anything you eat that you may think taste awful and turn it into something completely amazing. For example, the five-year old that hates broccoli and cauliflower and wont put it even near their face. Try putting some melted cheddar cheese on top of it and see if it doesn’t change the five-year old’s entire perception of vegetables.

Society seems to have given cheese a bad rep by probing statements like “who cut the cheese?” or “It smells like rotten cheese.” Although there are many different types of cheeses that may not smell the best, cheese seems to be a great compliment to many variations of foods such as chips, vegetables, crackers, breads, etc. When I think of cheese I think of limitless possibilities. Cheese can change its properties, for instance when it heats up it melts. It can be cut in slices, shredded, cut into cubes or even shaped into a huge wheel or molded into a ball. There is also spreadable cheese and squeezable cheese.

Image result for cheese pizza

I think that it is absolutely amazing how one single ingredient can  have such an impact on a meal to take it too the next level. For example; pizza. What is pizza without cheese? Honestly it’s just bread with tomato sauce on it (basically a breadstick), a completely different food. The cheese on your pizza is the threshold between an entre and a side dish.

My favorite type of cheese to eat alone is Havarti. Havarti has a semi-soft texture with a rich and mildly aged taste. Although it is my favorite type of cheese to eat alone it is also a great compliment on deli sandwiches (turkey is my favorite) and with low sodium crackers as well. Coming up to a very close second would have to be cheddar. Cheddar cheese is actually the most purchased and widely eaten cheese around the world. Cheddar can range from a creamy white color to an intense yellow based on the mildness or sharpness of the taste. I love shredded mild cheddar cheese on my tacos and shredded sharp cheddar cheese to top my salads.

I don’t think that it would be appropriate to conclude this post without mentioning the deliciousness of the grilled cheese. The grilled cheese is such a simple concept but yet its taste is so delectable and precise. Only two slices of bread lightly buttered with a slice of American cheese in the middle, grilled to perfection so that both sides of the bread are a golden, crispy brown. The grilled cheese was a common meal as a child for me and now that I think about it, it was under appreciated. My mom would sometimes add a meat such as turkey or ham to make it even more exciting and to add more protein.

Although cheese is commonly over looked, I think cheese has power to make positive impacts on your meals to make it extraordinary.




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