Cartoons: Most Remembered


Many of us that were born in the 90s have a special place for 90s cartoons in our hearts. Cartoons in the 90s were hilarious, tasteful and sometimes educational from time to time. Networks such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, ToonDisney, and WB played an outstanding lineup that kids from the 90s still remember and cherish today. Many of my peers have a difficult time turning on current cartoons that their younger siblings watch. Some of the common responses I’ve heard about current cartoons today  is that they are too silly to the point where it’s not funny or just outrageously inappropriate. I think that was the great thing about 90s cartoons, that they were always in great taste and funny for almost all ages. I remember sitting on the couch as a six year old watching Doug with my 19 year old sister.

My personal favorite 90s cartoons included Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold, the Rugrats and Doug.  Yes, I listed Hey Arnold first because it is my number one favorite. Hey Arnold was about a fourth grader named Arnold with a football shaped head that lives with his grandparents in what closely resembles a busier city such as New York or Philadelphia. Arnold’s supporting characters included all of his fourth grade classmates as well as his grandparents and the people that lived in the boarding house. My favorite supporting characters were Gerald, Arnold’s cool, calm and relaxed best friend and Helga, Arnold’s bully that secretly had a huge crush on him. Although most of the episodes involved Arnold, in many episodes Arnold was not the main focus. His classmates and boarding residents would be the main focus with an issue or problem and Arnold would try to assist them. I think Hey Arnold is my number one favorite cartoon because Arnold was a great role model for kids. He was always honest, optimistic and wanted the best for people. Although the show had many serious and slightly sad episodes it was also balanced with funny warm hearted  episodes that taught us life long lessons.

Shows that were first aired in the mid 90s such as Hey Arnold and the Rugrats were lucky enough to be continued into the 2000s. Unfortunately some of the earlier cartoons such as Doug ended just before the 2000s. Teen Nick, a cable channel that plays a series of shows geared toward teenagers started a 90s programming after midnight. They play shows such as Keenan & Kel, The Amanda show and All That as well as those 90s cartoons such as Doug and the  that we loved so much.




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