Styles and Fashions: Let’s Keep them in the 90s

When I think of 90s fashions I think of neon colors and baggy clothes. In 2016 we look back at 90s styles and we chuckle, but I think that there is something about 90s fashion that we hold near and dear to our hearts. I don’t think that I can recall one Halloween where I didn’t see at least one person dress up like they were from the 90s with their neon  windbreakers and baggy jeans. In this flashback to the 90s I will be listing some of the most crazy and fun fashions from the 90s and some that we still see today.

Neon Windbreakers

First on our list the neon windbreakers. I think that this might be my favorite I would try to get away with wearing one today. The neon windbreaker started in the late 80s and scooted its way into the 90s. Some had detailed patterns on them and bright neon colored shapes all over. They were worn by all ages but extremely popular with teenagers.


The Solid Tee under the Blazer

The solid colored T-shirt under a blazer was popular in the 90s with the guys. This look was worn by the “cool” guy  that was smooth with all of the ladies. When I think of this look I think of Jesse from the sitcom Full House or Christian from the movie Clueless.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans were a trend among teens for guys and girls for what seemed to last well into the 2000s. People would buy their pants two to three sizes bigger than their size. You would think that the sales in belts had to increase immensely. Although this look was seen on many people it was commonly seen in the Hip-Hop industry.

Bowl cuts and Middle parts

This might be the most hysterical trend to me that was popular in the 90s. Many male teens wore an almost even short bowl cut or to where it was cut into a bob cut. If it wasn’t cut short it was shoulder length long. Whether the cut was long or short there was probably a middle part creating an illusion of two side bangs.


As a kid I use to hate wearing overalls but I think my mom may have been trying to do me a favor because she knew that’s what was “in” at the time. Overalls were a fashion statement. They could be worn normally of course but they were also worn off the shoulder or with the pants rolled up if you wanted to be a little edgy.

I know that I have left out many other 90s trends that people loved but here’s a few that were my favorite. What were favorite 90s styles? History tends to repeat itself. I wonder what 90s fashion will creep its way back into our present day.




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